Meet our new clan member


Well, I only gone and made a baby! Little bro’ was born on October 23 at 2.02pm weighing 9lb 14oz. Yes, that’s right, 9lb 14oz. Almost two pounds more than his big sister. And holy mama, I got my wish of an au naturel birth and popped this bad boy out swigging only on gas and air. Ouch.And it all happened after a successful stretch and sweep at the hospital on Thursday which kick-started my contractions almost straight away. 

So convinced was I that I was never going to get my ‘being at home before hospital’ wish that I didn’t even believe I was in established, proper labour until about 4am when they were just seven minutes apart with a few cracking pains that made my toes curl.

So I called the hospital who suggested I wait until the pains were four mins apart and about a minute long each.

Luckily lying down meant the pace was slowed, so I managed to get a couple more hours of dozing and Ben got Small Fry into nursery before we had to leave for the hospital. Very well timed!

Somehow though, the pain had missed the ‘four minutes apart’ plan and skipped from every five mins to about every two to three very suddenly. Luckily we managed to get a quick taxi to hospital where we were scooped up by a kind lady in reception as I had a giant contraction against the wall and were whisked past the maternity assessment unit, straight into the delivery suite. 

I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say I was too far on for an epidural, which in many ways I am thankful for as I had wanted to avoid one but might have crumbled in the face of all that pain. I was also denied a water birth as the midwives wanted to monitor the baby’s heartbeat constantly. Fortunately gas and air cut the mustard for the main until we got near the end. My waters were broken just as I thought the baby was never going to appear and within 20 minutes of flooding the delivery room in the style of Paddington in the bathroom scene (there was A LOT of fluid) our son was born. 


The Paddington bathroom scene
Never have I felt such relief as I did when he appeared, not only had he arrived but I was no longer in labour! The best, most elated feeling in the world!

We had skin to skin cuddles before he was weighed. I am rather smug to say he was a bit of a whopper. Go me! 

So, it’s been a journey, but he’s here and has already met and charmed his delighted big sister, almost all of his grandparents and some friends and neighbours.

The rest is another story for another day. But suffice to say I am besotted with our beautiful boy and his big sister and feel very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and amazing family. 

Love xx



  1. Dearest Rebecca, What a gorgeous ditty about your wonderful experience, – I was with you all the way. In horsey terms you are ‘a good doer!’
    Well done and many congratulations . How could you find time to make Lizzia so wonderful for halloween?
    Simply amazing. Much love from Ray and I


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