Back to the Future baby, yeah! 

It’s raining, so I have retreated to IKEA to get some walking time in (seriously, if I ignore the shortcuts and take the whole route I must be getting at least 1km under my giant elasticated waistband) and to pick up a few ‘essentials’ on the way.

The reason for the walking obsession come rain or shine is that the baby, after weeks of being happily engaged and ready to go, has decided to float free and easy again. This meant that yesterday, on my due date, I was unable to have a sweep (sorry, TMI) and left the midwife with the immortal words ‘I’ll see you next week and that’s when we’ll book you in for an induction’ ringing in my ears. 

I was gutted to be honest. Just that morning I’d been reading up on water birthing and had even washed and dried my horrible dressing gown in anticipation of needing it for such an occasion. But, as I discovered when Small Fry was born, if you have an induction then water births are out. So instead it was epidural all the way. This time I’m desperate to go into labour naturally at home and have the option of being an earth mother before turning to the hardcore drugs. 

The only thing that was consolation at this time of need was the fact that the midwife seemed to have quite long, sharp nails – that would have been a challenge during a sweep situation.

So yesterday evening I spent a lot of time aggrevating my pelvic girdle pain by bouncing on my very deflated birthing ball. And today I vowed to go for a brisk walk, even if it was just around IKEA (which tbh this blog could be sponsored by I seem to mention it so regularly).

I wasn’t expecting to go into labour on my due date, but what with today being official Back to the Future day, it could be quite fun to meet our own little Marty, Chuck or ‘Great Scott!’ (as one of my friends suggested) on 21.10.2015.

 So back to the squats and lunges and deflated bouncing. You never know, I might not need that sweep…


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