Get stretched (sob).

I’m officially massive and now have stretch marks on the right side of my bump, rank! I’m gutted as I had hoped I’d got away with it. No such luck! I’ve also spent the last few days with what feels like saddle sore from riding a bike. Essentially the baby has bruised my arse. I am getting to the ‘bring it on’ stage of waiting for labour to start. But in theory I could be waiting another four weeks – the thought of it makes my eyes water.

It’s been another weekend of preparation for baby no.2, with a trip to Ikea to get a new cushion for our nursing chair (after small fry was sick on the original last week and there was no way of getting rid of the stench). We also caved and bought a massive set of drawers for the nursery after realizing that the gorgeous antique ones I got on eBay were too small for even a newborn’s needs. 

Here they are, in case anyone is interested:

At Ikea we got the six drawer Hemnes set in white stain for £140. Expensive, but hopefully they will last a small boy well into his schooldays and they seem to be pretty well made, with solid wood sides and drawer elements. 

Our nursing chair is the insanely comfy Poang chair which has seen me and a friend who borrowed it through nursing our first-borns before needing the cushion to be replaced for a very reasonable £20. 

We also cleaned out the car and got the Isofix and baby seat in place. Small fry is thrilled that a. She is going to be sitting next to her baby brother and b. That she now sits behind the driver’s seat meaning she can get away with sucking her thumb and not being spotted unless both Ben and I are both in the car. I’ve told her it will shrivel up and drop off, but so far she seems willing to take her chances. 

Finally, there’s nothing like a good groove to get your day going, as proved here by small fry. She hopes every morning that Chris Evans will play the ‘Shake your Nora’ song and is rewarded on Mondays for her patience!  

For some reason there is no sound with the video, so some imagination is required! 


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