Slugs, snails and breakfast fails

One of my aunties gave small fry a Busy Lizzie last weekend and explained to us both how to take a cutting and grow a new plant. Pretty straightforward; cut a stem below its leaf growth, cut away all flowers and leave four leaves only, then submerge in a glass of water and wait for roots to sprout. So here it is, the great green experiment. If the cutting grows roots before it rots or goes mouldy I will be very impressed (and shocked!). 

The plant itself is responsible for one of the more disgusting happenings of the week. Just a week after discovering a slug had slimed onto our bedroom ceiling through the open window overnight (fortunately dropping off in time for me to reacquaint it with said open window before work) I found a writhing and wriggling worm on our draining board at breakfast time. Boke. What is it with slimy critters before brekko?

Speaking of breakfast, I suffered a huge healthy start fail this morning by dropping a jar of sultanas onto my morning Weetabix bowl (already primed with cereal, milk and sliced banana and ready for the microwave). Sadly the bowl, one of the remaining Denby set given to my parents on their wedding day almost 40 years ago, chipped and cracked, meaning the whole lot had to be chucked. Perhaps I should have stuck to Danish pastries or something less worthy!


Breakfast fail
However, the good news about healthy brekko is the fact that hopefully it will at least help stop my giant ass from expanding any further. Today I succumbed to the most unflattering of leg-wear; slightly baggy leggingy joggers which I bought in the sale at Mothercare. They may look rank, but hell they are comfy! No yanking up rolling down waistbands, too-small trouser legs or too big maternity jeggings. I fear (for my husband) I may live in these trousers over the next month. Schexy. 


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