Nesting mode 

Saw the midwife today – and not only is the baby’s head partially engaged (gulp) but she reckons I’m in full on nesting mode. Instead of  worrying and racing round doing research and heading to far flung places like Cardiff to present papers, I’m instead talking about online shopping, making meals to freeze and washing baby gros – so I guess she is right.

And this afternoon I put my second day of maternity leave and my culinary skills to the test by making my first ever fish pie. Sadly, it will never live up to the standard set by my mum, but as she won’t be on hand indefinitely to cook for us all when the bairn arrives I thought I should have a go myself.

fish pie basic ingredients – unfortunately the smoked fish was dyed – another peril of the online supermarket shop!
There was a minor fail with my online shopping when the shrimps I ordered to add some sweetness to the pie. At more than £3 a pack they were expensive… And unfortunately I discovered this morning they were also unfreezeable, so couldn’t be added.

However, the rest went as well as could be hoped for. Following this recipe as a guide, but substituting dill for parsley, including smoked cod as well as regular cod fillet and adding whole grain mustard to the mash (and holding the cheese) made this recipe suited to my family’s preferences – hopefully!

fish pie – done!
Now I just need to decide whether to eat a bit of it tonight to test it or whether to freeze the lot and hope it tastes ok. Fingers crossed it is delicious, proving I’m obviously the new Delia!

I’m also in the process of making a beef and Guinness stew – an old favourite to freeze and hopefully eat with baked potatoes and greens at a time when I’ll probably need even more of an iron top-up than usual!

*Fish pie update – beware! This recipe makes your house smell of fish for at least three days after cooking!


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